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Wolfpack Hustle | LA Marathon Crash Race 2

John the Roadie and Mr. Quick
John the Roadie and Mr. Quick

Hern, one of the race organizers

You know you’ve had a history of great events when lots of people show up to race and ride in the rain in Los Angeles at 4am. You can’t get Angelinos out in the rain for shit. We like being in the rain like cats like being wet. That being said, the Wolfpack Hustle LA Marathon Crash Race 2 was a wild success.

Wet Helmet
Pre Race

The entry fee was zero, the race started at 4am, and the prize was a pair of dog tags. It followed the mostly closed 26.1 mile LA Marathon route from Silver Lake/Downtown to Santa Monica. There weren’t any cute numbers to pin on your shirt, no one was waiting at the finish with your time, and no one remembered what place you got unless you were first.

The Start (pan crop)

The start

Beginning of Race

It was really fun to mob around LA for 26 miles and always see a cyclist nearby. Thanks again to Hern, Roadblock, everybody else that help put this ride together, the sponsors, and of course, the participants.

Here are the results according to Wolfpack Hustle’s twitter, “JTR Geared . . . and Craig AZ Men’s fixed. AZ swept 1, 2, and 3 in fixed division.” The women’s results are still under review.

The FinishThe finish

JTR is John the Roadie.  And wow, Arizona killed it on fixed. I believe those are the first dog tags to leave LA . . .

John the Roadie Showing the Ladies his Wolfpack Hustle JerseyJohn the Roadie Showing the Ladies his Wolfpack Hustle Jersey

As always, click the photos to see more photos, 32 in all.

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Posted by mikeywally on 22 March 2011

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