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Donnie Pepper | Bike Polo Tricks

D Scoop
It seems like in bikes there’s a lot of new school versus old school discussions. 26″ versus 700c. The hour record Pre Merckx and the hour record post Merckx. And now that the polo ball has been brought in to the third dimension, schools of thought battle again.
Scoop 2 (Crop)
Donnie Pepper is a practitioner of this new style of bike polo that LA players refer to as “Seattle bullshit,” so called because the Seattle kids are the best at it (according to Professor Pepper). Donnie can scoop the ball up with the business end of his mallet and swing it over his head like a rainbow and either lob a pass or drop the ball next to his bike, and all sorts of other cool tricks. It’s like he has a invisible lacrosse stick. He is the Harlem Globetrotters of bike polo. I think it’s cool, but some people say it’s cheating. “Carrying” seems like a hard thing to adjudicate so I predict lots of debate on this subject. I think that Donnie’s moves are inspirational and will get people more in to bike polo.

Yeah, you like that photoshop? I did that.

Posted by mikeywally on 9 February 2011

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